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Physical Electronics GmbH


The Physical Electronics GmbH is a stable partner for high-tech companies located in Munich, Germany, more than 21 years. Our core values are market-oriented approach, continuous improvement and excellent customer support. The Marketing of innovative ideas and the sale & service of fascinating products is our daily business. Areas of our expertise are in AFM-IR, an innovative combination of sub 50nm high spatial resolution IR Spectrometry and AFM microscopy, Surface Science and Nanomechanical Testing. Providing the highest possible level of After Sales Support for our customers, we have established a very effective service organization able to meet the requirements of Industry, Institutes and Universities.

Meet us at our booth if you are interested in spatially resolved High -End Analysis in the µm and nm range. We offer techniques and Lab Services for application related topics like:

  • High spatial resolution with high mass resolution and precise chemical sensitivity
  • Greatest specificity & sensitivity to elemental species
  • Characterization technique for probing chemical and compositional surface environments
  • Quantify the Unknown at the Nanoscale

 Get In Touch with our Latest Products

  •  nanoIR2-FS: New High speed, high resolution, full spectra AFM-IR measurement in seconds with 25nm spatial resolution, monolayer sensitivity for nanoscale IR spectroscopy and chemical imaging

  •  TI 980: The World's Most Powerful Nanomechanical & Nanotribological Test System for All Your Material Analysis Need

  • nanoTOF-MS/MS: Parallel Imaging MS/MS option eliminates the limitation in mass accuracy and mass resolution. Now high mass peaks can be identified easily!!! HR²=High spatial resolution with high mass resolution

Physical Electronics GmbH

Fraunhoferstr. 4
D-85737 Ismaning (Germany)

 +49 89 96275 0
 +49 89 96275 50

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