Interview Poster Award Winners CellMAT-Cellular Materials 2016 Poster Award (1st Prize): Attila Szlancsik, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

(...) 1. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us more about your university, field of study and research areas? 

My name is Attila Szlancsik and I am a student in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. My field of study is material science, and my specific topic is metal matrix syntactic foams. I have been working on this topic for 3 years now. My other field of interested is forming technology, so I am devoted to connect these areas and investigate the deform mechanisms and formability of metallic foams.

2. What was your presentation/poster about? (brief summary) 

It was about the determination of metal matrix syntactic foams’ effective Young’s modulus. Three different methods were used, namely modal analysis as a real-time measurement, finite element modelling and analytical calculations. These methods gave the same results, which means that the effective Young’s modulus of metallic foams can be determined by numerical analysis in virtual environment and it can be also estimated by analytical calculations as well and at good reliability.

3.How did you feel when you found out that you won? 

It was amazing, I didn’t expect it.

4.What was your experience at the CellMAT Conference? 

CELLMAT2016 was my first international conference, I was really excited, how it goes. As it was a very well-organized conference, with really good speakers I am very satisfied. Great! 

5.Which were your favourite lectures and side events? 

My favourite lectures were the Mechanical properties of auxetic cellular materials fabricated using selective electron-beam melting (SEBM) by N. Novak, and The effect of a negative Poisson’s ratio on thermal stresses in cellular metallic structures by L. Adler. These works would be important for my future plans. My favourite side event was definitely the social evening at the Sophienkeller restaurant. There was a good opportunity to get new connections and acquaintances.

6.What would you like to see in the next CellMAT Conference? 

A stand-alone section on metal matrix syntactic foams would be great, however I know that this is a quite narrow field with limited interests.

7.Which is the implication of this prize on your career?

It was my first conference so it is a great honour to me. It gives me confidence, and motivates me to continue my research.

8.Which are your plans for the future? Publications? Working in the Industry? At Universities? 

As I am an MSc student in this year, my most important future plans are to pass my final exams and to start my PhD at my university in February.

9.Are you thinking to stay in the same branch area or do you plan to expand to other areas? 

Firstly, I want to stay in this area and write my PhD thesis about it, but later I would like to discover other areas, mainly in the field of forming technologies. 

10.Which other activities do you do apart from Uni? (Hobbies) 

I like reading, watching movies, climbing, playing squash, and going out with my friends.